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Water filtration

Common causes for concern in regard to our drinking water often relate to dust/sediment/rust/discoloration and a bad taste or smell or the possibility of dissolved chemicals within our drinking water.
There are three types of water filters offering the availability of quality water to your home.

Sediment Filters – are used to remove suspended solids, dirt, rust etc. They are generally installed at the point of entry to the house or under the kitchen sink and ensure integrity under water hammer; therefore no loose fibres are present to migrate into the filtered water.

Reverse Osmosis – The most advanced and thorough method of water treatment uses a membrane so fine that all that passes through is pure water. It is a cost effective and energy efficient system, which provides top quality water.

Carbon Filters – Activation of carbon is caused by high temperature steam that produces a high surface area filter, which absorbs organic matter and chlorine. Under specific flow rates carbon eliminates up to 99 percent of
hazardous chemicals. Used under the sink, bench top or as a whole-of-house system, they are an economical and effective way of improving water quality.

Abbey Plumbing has many years of experience in water filtration and we welcome the opportunity to advise you on the best course of action to improve the quality of your water

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